Grow-Make-Eat! Sinclair House School

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We have kicked off our new term at Sinclair House School’s Grow Make Eat club. In our first session the kids got a treat as they got to harvest the summers crop of new potatoes.  Each one found was like piece of gold dug up in the mud! The excitement was certainly inspiring.

We also had some lovely watercress planted in early summer that was ready to be picked as it was beginning to bolt.  We picked a good lot then made a group pesto with the watercress, almonds, garlic, lemon, olive oil and parmesan. Some fancied a try and the rest weren’t too sure. It is a new group so as can be expected. Perhaps if it was poured over some spaghetti…

I also took some home and made some watercress and pea soup. Delicious and really easy!  Please try at home with your kids if possible!

Watercress and Pea Soup Recipe

Pesto Recipe