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Gardener’s Marvellous Medicine

The dreaded black bean aphids. The busy ants that ‘farm’ the aphids for their sweet, sugary secretions by ‘tickling their tummies’; according to Zofia! This week it was time for them to go. We made a homemade ‘pesticide’ to ward these creatures off our bean arch. The recipe included a few drops of orange oil, […]


An Energetic Afternoon

Our Grow-Make-Eat! session started off today with a spot of detective work… what needs to be done in the garden? “Watering!”, as usual, since it’s been a dry and warm couple of days; “Weeding!” well spotted, there are a few things in the beds that we didn’t sow or plant! Some potatoes and watercress we […]


A Berry Nice Breakfast!

Beautiful broadbean flowers The flowers are kissing!   We planted these strawberries! Tucking into Bircher Muesli Can’t wait to see the fruits grow!   Strawberry flower   With this term’s Grow-Make-Eat! Club well under way, the roof garden is slowly looking more green thanks to the children’s efforts. The broad beans sown during our winter […]


“Have you eaten a cabbage leaf the size of your face?”

Grow Make Eat has been exploding with new growth with all this lovely spring sun. Thanks to spring we are able to pluck the perfect amount of leaves from out large cabbage plant to make a rainbow Pick’n’Mix!!! Understanding the characters of spring leads us all to understand the food we grow and why. To celebrate […]


Can you cook and sing at the same time?

Cooking, Dancing, Singing, Running, Planting. It’s all part of today’s programme! !!GROW!! !!MAKE!! !!EAT!! !!AFTERNOON TREAT!! It is time to CELEBRATE!!! Our campers family and loved ones all came to enjoy the celebration. Amongst the incredible Recycle City the campers performed with pride their ~Hiding Places ~ Camp song.  


How well can you see in the dark?

  Wow wee another fabulous, bright and beautiful day, perfect for a trip to the Chislehurst Caves! As the campers roll in we continue the motion with rolling right into make our Raw Coco and Fruit Balls! We pack our bags with some delicious lunch and our freshly made healthy snack. Justin and our wonderful leaders […]


Natural Born Den Builders – Fryent Country Park, Wembley

It was a glorious and crisp Monday morning at Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill. One by one our campers roll in eager to meet their fellow adventurers. After a game of “Bug BINGO” we all took up a comfy spot on the sofa (as it is a holiday after all!). “Good Morning everyone welcome […]


How The Selfish Giant Inspired Kids Into Creative Learning

  How did Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant transform learning into something more magically and wondrously creative? The kids at the Fulham Palace day camp had already been read the tale of the giant accompanied by the gentle melodies of birdsong in the tree-lined grounds that surround the palace. They had already, that morning, prepared […]

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