Transport, Safety and Security

Safety is our no.1 priority

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Our mentors are experts in their field, with a complete DBS and a warm and caring nature. We follow Ofsted guidance for adult / child ratios and ensure the safety of children at all times.

Whether at base or travelling by transport, we follow strict protocols to ensure children are in a safe environment and carefully guided on each activity. With more than 10 years experience running day camps, the safety of our children is a number one priority.

We meet and often exceed Ofsted ratios:
4-7 year olds = 1:6
8-11 = 1:8

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bus Like many schools we make use of public transport but are extremely careful in choosing routes that minimise danger and avoid lengthy journeys with too many changes.

We also travel in off peak times (10am and 3pm) which means that often we have a top deck of a bus or train carriage to ourselves! Children are counted at every stage of the trip and are 'buddied up' wearing high vis vests for added security.

Safety and security

spade The Wild Explorers group sizes are capped at 20 children and are led by an experienced First Hand Experiences leader and at least two supporting staff. We have a qualified first aider with the group at all times. We undertake thorough site risk assessments of our sites, and brief the children of safety issues in morning circle time and again at each site we visit.

At our destination we are often met by workshop leaders with specific skills in their field. If our trip is self-guided, we always set off with a plan of where to explore and things to investigate.