Day Camp Food Menu

Scrumptious summer delights

(sample menu: to be confirmed)

Our menu is designed with little adventurers in mind. It is well balanced, cooked fresh that morning or the night before by our trained chefs with love and care.

Where possible the food is seasonal and sourced in the UK. It is free from any 'nasties' and we can cater for any dietry requirements. It can be hard to please everyone but we do our best to make our food tasty, healthy and fun so it is easy to enjoy!


    Pick 'n' dips buffet
    Picks: radishes, broccoli, carrot & celery sticks
    Dips: artichoke and white bean dip, carrot and chickpea hummus
    A wedge of organic cheddar, various organic bread and fresh green leaves
    Pud: Hazelnut and chocolate raw ball


    Spinach goat's cheese and thyme pasties
    Pud: Sunshine balls: mango, cashew nuts and coconut


    Shaved asparagus, mild-honeyed goat's cheese, and freshly podded pea crostini
    Pud: Raw flapjack bar with dried fig, oat, linseed and honey

    Children make their own lunch


    Spring frittata with spring onion, potato and baby leek
    Pud: Honey spelt snack bars


    Arancini balls with tomato sauce and mozzarella
    Pud: Rhubarb and apricot muffins
Children make their own lunch
Lunch and snacks are included, and children help make tasty meals with healthy and seasonal ingredients. In between meals, they will be offered fresh and dried fruit with crackers as well as water to keep tummies full and energy levels high.

"The activities were brilliant and my daughter loved trying the lovely foods and brilliant menus!"

Nadia Beji