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We were blessed with lovely sunshine today, and good thing too as it was the first time we could harvest something with this group! The children were really excited to pull up the (very) baby leeks that were grown from seed by last term’s club. We could sense everyone’s eagerness to get them into the kitchen. Since they were so little we could treat them much like spring onions, and sliced them finely to mix into our cooking today. John shared a suitable joke with us; “why don’t they like leeks on boats? …Because it makes them sink!!”

As well as pulling up the leeks, we sowed some carrot seeds. According to the packet, the carrot variety ‘Early Nantes’ “produces long, blunt-nosed roots which are well-coloured and have almost no core, so that the texture is light and crunchy, with a rich flavour that’s all a carrot should be.” I suppose the proof will be in the eating! We also inspected the turnip seedlings that have popped up since last week.Spectre streaming

In the kitchen, we made a delicious salad of quinoa, grated carrot, dried cranberries (which we soaked in orange juice), chickpeas and of course the fresher than fresh baby leeks. For the dressing, we first crushed some garlic, coriander and mint in a pestle and mortar, to which we added honey, cinnamon, lemon juice and olive oil. Add a bit of seasoning and voila, a delectable treat! Interestingly the younger kids couldn’t get enough of this one and kept asking for more, but the year 3s and 4s weren’t as enthusiastic… perhaps we will try again with our own carrots and see if they prefer that?

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