Schools Sleep Away Camp

On our unique sleep away camps, children celebrate the natural world through arts and crafts, music, theatre and whole food adventures.

Enrich your children's daily curriculum through this wonderfully creative and holistic approach.

Schools Camp

Adventure Learning Programme

Our Adventure Learning Programme is an experiential learning programme to enrich your daily curriculum with nature based outdoor experiences.

Created in response to the current education cuts, see how your school can embrace outdoor experiential adventure learning on an ongoing, yet affordable, basis.

Adventure Learning Programme

The Real Chocolate Experience

With a third of young adults not knowing that eggs come from chickens, how can we expect the next generation to have a positive relationship with food?

Our workshops aim to empower children by educating them about what’s in their food in a fun and creative way!

The Real Lemonade Assembly

"First sleep away camp for our girls and we couldn't have wished for a happier experience. An amazing team, fantastically creative, eternally patient and daringly adventurous, making these magic days and evenings, filled with activities from which dreams are made of!"

Samantha Iacobacci