“Have you eaten a cabbage leaf the size of your face?”

Grow Make Eat has been exploding with new growth with all this lovely spring sun. Thanks to spring we are able to pluck the perfect amount of leaves from out large cabbage plant to make a rainbow Pick’n’Mix!!!

Understanding the characters of spring leads us all to understand the food we grow and why. To celebrate the new warmth of the season we planted Tomato seeds!!! This is a magical procedure which our GME team take great pride in as they are well experienced seed sewers now!

We encourage everyone to awaken all of their senses when conducting any great activity at Grow Make Eat. Some may not be fond of certain colours, textures nor flavours alas some find that they change there minds when 4 out of their 5 senses are loving it!!!!


Keep on GROWING!

Can you cook and sing at the same time?

Cooking, Dancing, Singing, Running, Planting. It’s all part of today’s programme!





It is time to CELEBRATE!!! Our campers family and loved ones all came to enjoy the celebration. Amongst the incredible Recycle City the campers performed with pride their ~Hiding Places ~ Camp song.


How well can you see in the dark?


Wow wee another fabulous, bright and beautiful day, perfect for a trip to the Chislehurst Caves!

As the campers roll in we continue the motion with rolling right into make our Raw Coco and Fruit Balls!

We pack our bags with some delicious lunch and our freshly made healthy snack. Justin and our wonderful leaders Sia and Rachel sit with the campers and prepare them for our adventure ahead.

“The aim of the day is to enjoy ourselves! We have been learning about many forms of structures and hiding spaces alike the Chislehurst Caves! As you go about the important business of exploring the cave, we will need to care for our fellow camper mates. Let’s buddy up and get on the TRAIN to Chislehurst Caves!”

“To explore is to engage with our surroundings on our own terms. To discover what a place has to offer led by our own instinct and desire. When children are released from the four walls of their educational setting, out and about exploring and playing, they are in charge. They are instinctively making hundreds of decisions as they assess and determine the levels of risk they want to take, physically, emotionally and socially: mastering, day by day, an increasing repertoire of skills, adding to their bank of experience. ”  

Our hungry cave explorers dig into their Quinoa and Broad beans balls with basil tomato sauce, feta cubes & carrot batons!

Food plays a big part in what we do. In using ingredients that are seasonal, healthy and tasty we feel this effluences the way the campers value their meals. We encourage good eating habits through our passion, education and by letting the children roll up their sleeves and get stuck in whenever possible!

Back at base, Erica our talented craft leader has prepared the materials to develop the recycle city.

“Remember all of the towers we saw up the Monument? Let’s use this packaging to construct some interesting towers”

4:30 already, see you all tomorrow. Bring your singing voices!!