A Berry Nice Breakfast!

With this term’s Grow-Make-Eat! Club well under way, the roof garden is slowly looking more green thanks to the children’s efforts. The broad beans sown during our winter holiday club and planted out by the spring term club are flowering beautifully.

Speaking of flowers, we learnt about pollination in the garden today. The children were interested to hear that humans, as well as insects and the wind can help pollinate a plant and we did just that with our strawberry plants. “It’s like the strawberry plants are kissing!” Ginevra remarked rather sweetly! We planted them up in hanging baskets and lay down straw to protect the developing fruits from the soil.

In the kitchen we made a delicious alternative to your usual toast and cereal breakfast; a strawberry, pear and  bircher muesli. First we soaked some Dorset Cereal in some apple juice so that they soften while we prepped the fruit. It is really important that you check there is no extra sugar hiding in either the cereal or juice. We like Dorset because they use 3 different types of grain and nuts such as brazil and almond which we had a hard time naming!

So we next topped and quartered the juicy new season strawberries, grated some pear and mixed it in with the muesli and a couple of spoonfuls of yoghurt. We used soya yoghurt which provoked an interesting conversation about cows, milk, mothers, babies and just how much milk we should expect a mummy cow to provide a day. The best answer for me was “Enough for the cow, its babies and everyone on the farm!” Next we had to add some agave syrup (how much is a drizzle?), a sprinkle of cinnamon (let it fall like snow…not an avalanche!) and hey presto we had ourselves a mighty fine breakfast that seemed a real hit. One boy I won’t name was very sure he would make this concoction for his mother and bring it to her in bed. We look forward to hearing more of that promise!

That’s just one recipe but you can of course mix and match the fruits and nuts for a different bowl every day. When I asked for some ideas there was no shortage of offers; “blueberries, raspberries, apple…” Of course I had to spoil it… “Rhubarb?” …there were no takers there! What alien food was Justin talking about now. We decided that would be a a story for another day!